Tuntematon Töölö 2006

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Ensimmäinen laulukävely. Kutsuin kirjeitse Hesperian puiston varrella asuvat ihmiset kävelemään kanssani Hesperian puiston halki Taivallahdelta Töölönlahdelle, tai vastaamaan ikkuinoistaan ääneeni sen kuullessaan.


Kuvat: Anna Cadia

Night Song Action 

The Unknown Töölö, Helsinki, Finland 2006


The first of my vocal walks. I invited around 500 people, who live by the Hesperia Park in Töölö, to walk with me through the park, or to answer to my voice from their windows.

I wrote to the invitation letter:

Answer me with your own voice, from your window or balcony (or your neighbour’s) when you hear my voice, or come down to the street and sing with me!

The voice – or sound in general – is not divisible into parts that can be controlled or quantified. Sound is not easily delimited. This is political, even though it may not be visible. My essential goal is to establish small islets that deal with multiplying the power in us, or in a nonhuman world. ...To ruffle and round the edges between interior and exterior, to open up the in-between.


Images: Anna Cadia